Autonomous Cars, Machine Intelligence, & Mixed Reality


SMPTE 2018 kicks-off on Monday, 22 October!





Intel Automated Driving Group Senior Vice President Douglas Davis will present the keynote, titled "Safety Today for the Autonomous Tomorrow." He will focus on the potential of autonomous vehicles to save lives by reducing or eliminating human error on the roads. He also will discuss how consumers' embrace of such vehicles will give rise to a massive new passenger economy and, in turn, drive change across a variety of industries.



The day-long SMPTE 2018 Symposium on Monday, 22 Oct. is chaired by Michael Zink, vice president of technology at Warner Bros.



With the advent of autonomous vehicles, consumers are no longer required to focus on driving the car. Instead, they are free to enjoy the ride while consuming entertainment content. Additionally, rapid innovations in sensor technologies, machine intelligence, and mixed reality, allow for the creation of exciting new entertainment experiences.


The SMPTE 2018 Symposium will examine the state of these various emerging technologies, explores potential applications and, exciting content opportunities.


Don’t miss your chance to learn how massive innovations in multiple technology sectors could drive the entertainment industry forward!


The SMPTE 2018 Symposium will offer attendees an opportunity to learn from and engage with leading industry figures in the motion picture and tech business. We will look into current market circumstances and highlighting significant advances in in-car technologies and entertainment - autonomous driving, latest glass and display developments, and the updates in the connectivity world.


Join us as we help you navigate the constantly changing emerging technologies so we can anticipate, design and implement the next wave of motion picture and broadcasting standards.







About the Chair

As Vice President of Technology at Warner Bros., Michael Zink is responsible for exploring emerging technologies to enhance WB’s capabilities for production, post-production, and distribution.  This includes assessing new technologies; and assisting with the setup and integration of digital workflows. Michael also participates in a number of standards associations such as BDA, CTA, DCI, SMPTE, among others; and also serves as the Chair for the UHD Alliance. Prior to joining Warner Bros. in 2014, Michael worked at Technicolor for over 10 years, most recently as Vice President of Technology Strategy, where he was responsible for launching the production efforts around various new optical disc formats. Additionally, Michael was responsible for the promotion and adoption of Technicolor technology solutions within industry groups. Earlier in his career, he worked for several media production facilities in Germany.


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